Weekly Affirmations - Aug 7th - Aug 14th

Becoming Your Authentic Self

I was afraid of freedom.  Afraid to be me.  Afraid to speak my mind, share my thoughts and offer a piece of me to family, friends, co workers, lovers, you name it.  There was this wall that I just could not break through.  When I wanted to share a thought, I would double think what to say and when I would muster up enough courage to break through that wall to deliver I would judge what I said…my actions…my delivery….my words…how people perceived me.  This was a result of a long history of being afraid to be myself, simply because I wasn’t allowed to be me as a child.   I grew up in a household where I perceived that I was not worthy enough (from religion, not my parents) and my freedom was suffocated;

I was told that I was born a sinner until I met certain criteria that God placed on humanity and only those who met this list of deeds could be called worthy to enter the “Kingdom”….but all in the name of Love.  Wait, huh?  Yeah, imagine what this does to a child?

So I conformed….somewhat.  Hell, even as a child I figured out if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  But, what I did not know is that I was creating an inner environment of confusion; a state of being of feeling suffocated, unworthy, unsafe and unfree.  I did not know that I was allowing a program to be created that I didn’t write…a conditioning where my body was minding my brain by running subconscious programs that kept me in a loop of suffering.  Did anyone know I was suffering?  Of course not.  I was good at faking the funk and upholding the images of perfection that were expected of me all while living a total lie as the Truth patiently awaited her resurrection.

“Death summons life.” ~ LAM  

During the transition of my mother is when I began to awaken.  Witnessing a Soul transition to Non-Physical was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.  In these moments, I realized that there was much more to this thing called life than what I had been told.  So it began……the seeking, the searching, the asking, the praying, the meditating…all to shut off the outside noise, the noise in my head and the state of being my subconscious mind wanted me to hold on to in order to give Truth permission to be Free.

Succinctly put, I had work to do!  Now, it was time to train me into a shift in consciousness, a higher vibration and a different state of being.  Of course, one of the tools I used was affirmations for this transition and I combined a few of them that have helped me throughout this process:

It is safe to be me.  I am free to express myself in whatever way I choose.  My voice matters.  I will always feel the Truth, speak the Truth and Be the Truth.  I’m empowered to be authentically me.

Side Bar:  You see, the EGO is tricky.  When you begin to make changes, your body will try to keep you in your current state of being by signaling unsupportive thoughts from the brain.  This is how we fall back or “backslide” into our old thought patterns and feel trapped.  Then, we accept the notion of…this is just how I am without realizing we have trained ourselves into this state of being.  This is the lie that we tell ourselves to stay comfortable in not being accountable for our own experiences.

“When the mind and body are in opposition, change will never happen.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

To speak the Truth, to feel the Truth, to Know the Truth, to Be the Truth…IS your authenticity.  When we begin to shed the layers of what no longer serves us (we worked on this last week) we make room for new programming.  This is the time to step into the fullness of who you Truly are and write your own script by training yourself into a new state of being to spring forth who you came here to be.  But, be patient….this New You may not be clear yet.  Consider asking yourself;

  1. Who am I, really?  
  2. What do I really want?  
  3. Who do I want to show up as to the world?

With a consistent affirmation practice, the fog of ILLusions will dissipate and you begin to SEE your path and put pieces together of the next logical steps as the unfolding ensues.

Practice this week’s affirmations while looking in the mirror.  Don’t just recite them, but feel how you want to feel while saying them.  Get your body in the habit of BEing in the place of authenticity in every aspect of your life.  This is a process.  Trust it!

Until next week….

“The greatest habit we must break is the habit of being ourselves.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

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