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Find Joy in Expressing Yourself

Have you ever shared information with someone with full intention to help out in a situation and was told to stick your advice where the so don’t shine, in so many words?  This just happened to me this weekend and I tell ya, it is a really humbling experience and if you’re not careful it can restrict you to keeping your mouth shut forever!  Can we say, throat chakra blocked??!!

I was in a conversation with someone who was very frustrated about experiences at work.  I mean, to the point where I could feel the frustration and see it written all over their face.  In the moment, I felt it necessary to advise this 

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person that talking about the situation was not in their best interest, due to recreating events for the future on the same vibrational frequency.  Here’s a brief overview of the conversation;

Me:  “Perhaps, we should change the subject because you are reliving what happened at work in this moment….”

Interrupted with obvious frustration, I was not able to complete my sentence to this rebuttal;

Person:  “I’m not reliving it.  It happened yesterday.  It is not happening now, I’m not there…I’m here.  I am just releasing it.”, as the temper flared.

Me:  “You are reliving it because you are talking about it now and offering a vibration regarding it.  So, it is happening right now even though it is not.”  

This person is now getting very agitated and quick to break and cut off the conversation (and possibly cut somebody too);

Me:  “I was just wanting to help you…”

Person:  “Look, don’t Dr. Phil me!   I SHOULD KNOW!  That is your truth, it is not mine, yadda, yadda, yadda….”

Woah!!  At this point, I completely left the conversation (in my head) so I don’t recall the rest of it.   I couldn’t help but feel some sorta way.  I felt emotion in my solar plexus and as mentioned I completely stopped talking.  Next, I noticed those old thought patterns try to creep up from associative memories that I have not had in a 

Side bar:  associative memory is the images that are recorded within our DNA and cellular memory that have emotions attached to them.  These are instances that we recall in our past that set a footprint and pattern of behavior and reappear through experiences when we are faced with the same feeling/vibration that created the footprint.  

while and obviously have not released yet; my throat began to tense and in this moment my freedom of expression felt attacked.

Blessed be, I was present enough in the moment to pay attention to my thought process and define how it relates to my body.  I could clearly see the e-motion (energy in motion) that told my glands governed by the solar plexus and throat chakras to release the chemicals in my body that would send a message to my brain to give me feedback of an unsupportive thought.  But guess what….in every moment I have a choice.  You see, I could have built a momentum of the unsupportive thoughts and began a woe-is-me campaign by creating a body brain conversation loop, but I caught it up front and center.  In that moment, my body was not the master of me.  I made a decision to shift my perspective, thus shifting the energy of the conversation and dropping the whole subject like it was hot.

It is very important to be present in any situation because I realized in a matter of seconds how my body responded and how the thought patterns that caused what I was feeling began to build momentum.  If I got caught up in the energy of the conversation, this awareness would have slipped by me.  

After the incident, I observed the energetic rendezvous to determine where I could have been more compassionate.  I received a gentle reminder from Source that went something like this:

“Although your intentions may be coming from the heart, everyone is not aligned with the message.  Next time, try asking them if they are open to any advice and give them the opportunity to choose.  Love is allowing, even if it is to seem to allow anyone to be out of alignment.”

Good. Effin. Grief!!  I decided to write an affirmation that I could revert to in situations like this and since I had felt that my freedom of expression was being attacked, this was my queue to do the work;

“I find joy in expressing myself and I always do it at the right times.  I release all restrictions to be me.”

This affirmation gives me the freedom of expression while reminding me to stay in alignment so that intuition will guide me to advise at the right times.  

Your turn…how do you express yourself with ease in tough conversations?

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