Are you frustrated in life?  Struggling to find inner peace?  Unhappy with your current situation in healthrelationships, work or business?  

Perhaps, you would like to explore yoga as one of the tools to help you improve your quality of life, but you need some guidance and a place to start.

If any of this resonates with you, you are not alone.  In fact, I was in this same space more than a decade ago until I discovered the practice of yoga and energy management.

Hi, my name is Leah Merriweather.  I am an educator, speaker, certified yoga instructor, meditation coach and energy wellness expert with a passion to help you….

  • tune into inner peace
  • align with and manifest the life you truly want
  • rewrite your story – undo old & install new programs
  • understand, restore and maintain your own source of energy

The main reason people are frustrated, stressed, unhappy and experience dis-ease in the body is because they don’t have enough energy/prana/chi flowing freely through the body to support its function in maintaining good health and high vibes.  In other words, they are more matter than they are energy.  I am here to help you shift that.

Working with me is a healing process.  I educate you on how to work with the physical and subtle energies of the material and etheric bodies in order to maintain BALANCED ENERGY – mind, body and spirit. You will gain a new sense of self worth and empowerment by tuning into higher vibrational frequencies that are here for you to thrive!


Comprehensive yoga & meditation education and sequences that align the body to allow subtle energies to flow to tune to higher frequencies.


Energy wellness workshops that educated people with tools and techniques on how to improve their quality of life.


Get yoga sequences and guided meditations specifically customized for your personal, employee or client needs.

6 Month Coaching Program

Let’s build a roadmap to help you through the process of transformation with guidance on how to maintain a joyful & fulfilling life.

Corporate & Entertainment

Entertainers, Employees and Executives are seeking inner peace and transformation.  Let me facilitate your next Lunch & Learn or wellness program.


Work with me 1-to-1 in my private studio or your home for a personalized and intimate experience.


Add yoga to your retreats, locally or abroad.  Your guests will thank you!


Facilitation of community events indoors and outdoors.

6 Month Coaching Program

I’m here to help you disrupt the patterns that are keeping you stuck and create new ones that will help you thrive in life.  My 6 month coaching program is a healing process that requires a clear intention and a willingness to do the work that will help you shift into a higher vibrational state of being.

Why am I helping you?  Because I was where you are.  I was stuck in life, reliving cycles of unwanted experiences – until I became aware of the influence I had on creating these cycles and I became determined to do something about it.

You will get…

  • An intake form so that I know how to help you design your new life.
  • Two (2) 60 minute coaching calls per month.
  • Guidance on implementation of energetic technologies (meditation, breathing techniques, etc.)
  • Process that will guide you through ridding old programs and installing new ones.
  • Full on education of energy and how it affects your daily life.

This program is perfect for you if you are….

  1. Stuck, stressed out, unhappy and overwhelmed and are seeking ways to feel better.
  2. Seeking inner peace.
  3. Wanting to make moves in life, but feel stuck in old programs and patterns.
  4. On the awakened path and need guidance on how to navigate through the process.
  5. Know that you do influence your experiences, but need guidance on how to manifest the life you truly desire.

I am excited to help you along your journey as you tap and tune into a higher level of consciousness that is here for you to thrive.

Personal Investment – $495/month for 6 months

Upfront Investment – $2,475 (get a month free)

Depending on what is required for your session, there may be additional services offered at an additional charge.

Fill out the form below to get started!

Custom & Personalized Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are a great way to get started with a daily meditation practice as one of the many spiritual technologies and energy wellness options that are to help you Heal. Transform. Thrive.

This personalized service is great for….

  1. Individuals looking to heal a specific dis-ease or target a specific area in life that needs transformation.
  2. Professionals looking for guided meditations for clients.

I use my intuitive guidance to create for you a guided meditation that will specifically target areas for transformation.  All guided meditations are created using  tools and practices of visioning, imagery, quantum jumping and frequencies to aid and assist in healing and transformation.

Individuals – $115

Professionals – $175

If you are new to meditation and are looking for guided meditations, click here to receive free guided meditations.

Sample Guided Meditation

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