“We are “light” beings and we are all collectively connected.” – Nina

Nina Sanchez

Healing & Spiritual Life Advisor

Founder | Your Local Light Dealer

Spirituality is a Lifestyle for me. It’s my passion and speaking with others who share the same path or want to take this path brings excitement and joy to my life. I know my mission on this earth is to be a reminder that we are all of the light, we are “light” beings and we are all collectively connected. We need guidance sometimes and in our evolution we are awakening to the truth of who we are, spirit having a human experience. I use my god given gifts, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance, to provide client’s healing sessions, angel card readings, birth chart readings, spiritual advising sessions, and healing conversations to clarify life’s many directions.

 I am currently dealing LIGHT straight out of Los Angeles, California, while I work on completing my autobiography, which discusses my path to Spirituality. From growing up as a child of the “light” seeing, hearing, and feeling the otherworldly things and never having been discussed, to numbing myself with drugs and alcohol just to survive, to overcoming that dark path and seeing the light again, which leads to the series of my AWAKENINGs.

 Healing isn’t linear. We never arrive at an end all place, we arrive at a space where we have the courage to continuously peal back the layers, getting closer and closer to the truth of who we are. Which is our authentic core, before other’s started telling us who we should be. We are beautiful beings of light in human form.

 I am Your Local Light Dealer.