Feel, deal and heal.” ~ Marilyn

Marilyn Segal

Spiritual Healer, Life Coach & Angel Therapist

Founder | Marilyn Segal, LLC

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Marilyn Segal is a Spiritual Healer, Life Purpose Coach, and Certified Angel Therapist. She was trained in Life Purpose readings by the International Institute of Hand Analysis. She learned Angel Therapy by studying with its creator, Doreen Virtue.

Marilyn suffered with back pain for 27 years due to a school injury. In 1990 she was blessed with an instantaneous healing when she got to the root cause of her pain and set it free. She has been pain free ever since.

Marilyn, and her identical twin sister, were featured in the TBS documentary, The Heart of Healing. She has authored three books, including her latest, 5 Reasons Why You’re Here on Earth, a guidebook for your soul’s journey. She also helps create an angelic highway for her clients and has been holding monthly angel circles at her home in Johns Creek for the past 8 years.

Marilyn’s personal motto is: “Feel, deal, and heal.”