“You are equipped with everything you need to live a joyful and fulfilling life.” – Leah

Leah Merriweather

Yoga & Energy Wellness Expert

Founder | Vibrate Higher, LLC

Leah Merriweather is a Civil Engineer turned Inner Engineer, Writer, Author, a seasoned Entrepreneur and a Yoga Lifestyle & Energy Wellness Expert.  As the organizer of a local meditation and awakening Meetup group, she aims to help the collective tune into a life of joy from the inside out.

After a 10-year journey of healing and awakening,  Leah decided to share what she has learned during her journey to help people understand their energy and to live a better quality of life through reshaping and reprogramming the subconscious mind using proven skills and techniques that have helped her garner her success as a deliberate creator of her experience.

She now works with individuals, corporate wellness programs, executives and entertainers to educate on them on energy wellness.

Leah was born and raised in Detroit, MI and now resides in Atlanta, GA.