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Vibrate Higher is a collective of Healers, Spiritual Guides, Intuitives, Innovators, Visionaries and Changemakers who are dedicated to changing the world by sharing ancient and unconventional knowledge, tools and techniques in their own creative and unique ways that will help raise the consciousness of humanity and aid people in transformation BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.  Join the movement!


Vibrate Higher, LLC | Founder

Yoga & Energy Wellness Expert

Leah is Founder of Vibrate Higher, LLC, an Author, a certified Yoga Instructor and a teacher and coach of Energy Management.  For over a decade, Leah has embraced ancient and unconventional spiritual practices for professional and personal development. Read more about Leah…


Dayka Robinson Designs | Founder

Values-Centered Coach

Dayka is a Travel Expert, Author and Interior Designer that uses her creative talents and expertise to teach you how to live a values-centered life, creating soulful international retreats for women, or helping you design a home that really feels like you.  Everything Dayka does helps you to show up more authentically in your own life.  Read more about Dayka….


The Women Only Experience | Founder

Community Builder & Speaker

Stefanie Diaz is a community builder and speaker who specializes in empowering entrepreneurs.  Stefanie founded The Women Only Experience (WOE); an event-based community for Atlanta lady bosses that can best be described as Ellen meets Oprah for women leaders. 

Learn more…..


Blueprint | Founder

Mindest Coach


As a Mindset Coach, Crystal helps women connect to their Inner Being which leads to a life of living on purpose, from a place of alignment, passion and joy.  Get to know more about Crystal…


Wider Styles | Founder

Personal Style Expert & Speaker

Morgan has a unique approach to help women heal through style.  Her philosophy…”Every outfit is an opportunity to transfer your life.”  Known as the Smart Woman’s Stylist, her passion is to help women overcome the same struggles she once had.  Read more about how Morgan is healing the world through style.


F*ck That Cape | Author

Emotional Wellness Expert

Jennifer Arnise is an Empowerment Coach who teaches Holistic healing strategies for Black women dealing with unhealed trauma. Her own journey of healing began after being violently raped at 17. She brings her practical and hard learned wisdom on radical self-care and healing around childhood wounds.  Jennifer has more…


Your Local Light Dealer

Healer & Spiritual Advisor

Nina speaks to and advises others along the path of awakening.  As a healer and advisor, Nina’s journey through perilous times sparked her passion to help others along the same path.  Find out more about Nina….


Living Filosophie | Founder

Evolutionary Astrologist

Kamryn is an astrologer who believes that the approach to understanding a birth chart is to make lots of space for paradox, truth, and grace.  She has explored the metaphysical world of angels, energy medicine, shadow integration, and apprenticed with the intuitive healer, Cyndi Dale.   Read more…


Marilyn Segal, LLC | Founder

Spiritual Healer

Marilyn Segal is a Spiritual Healer, Life Purpose Coach, and Certified Angel Therapist. She was trained in Life Purpose readings by the International Institute of Hand Analysis. She learned Angel Therapy by studying with its creator, Doreen Virtue. Read more…