“I believe that the approach to understanding a birth chart is to make space, lots of space for paradox, truth, and grace. ” – Kamryn

Kamryn Loy

Evolutionary Astrologist

Founder | Living Filosophie

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In 1991, I earned a BA in Philosophy from Muhlenberg College. After graduation, I moved to NYC to sing the title role in The Original Broadway Company of Miss Saigon. I appeared in 2 more Broadways shows, was a featured soprano soloist in many pops concerts, and several regional opera productions.

During my time as a singer, I explored the metaphysical world of angels, energy medicine, shadow integration, and apprenticed with the intuitive healer, Cyndi Dale.  At age 24, I learned meditation, and in 2005, I met Jesus. Since then I  have become increasingly intrigued with the dynamics of interfaith.

I believe that the approach to understanding a birth chart is to make space lots of space for paradox, truth, and grace. Evolutionary Astrology goes beyond mere descriptive astrology. It can show you where you can get in your own way while illuminating the path to freedom and healing. I weave together a few different methods along with the world’s spiritual traditions. I hope to dispel the fears and superstitions around astrology while assisting people in their journeys to wholeness, integration, and awakening.

I have trained with The Faculty of Astrology in the UK, and have apprenticed with Steven Forrest.