Affirmations Series

Improve your quality of life when you learn how to use affirmations correctly to create change.

Learn How to Write Affirmations

Online Affirmations Training Writing Course

This course is designed for individuals to learn the science of human behavior and how to make affirmations work to improve the quality of life.

Affirmations Training Workshops

Workshops are designed for organizations that want to teach groups of people the power and practice of affirmations.

Affirmations are a great tool to..

change the way you think from a subconscious level and transform your life to a better experience.

Want to know how to create affirmations? Better yet, want to write affirmations and get them to work for you?

For centuries, people have been using and writing affirmations in efforts to change something in their lives.  Whether your intentions are to build confidence, save a failing relationship, grow or start a business or just to have peace in your life, affirmations are a great tool that will help you get the results you want…..however, you have to make them work! There is an art and a skill to making affirmations work.

From Executives to entertainers, to employees and every day marvelous people, I help unlock the sticky points of writing affirmations that work for you, but most importantly, I guide you through the process and skill of helping you see what you want to crystallize into your experience…..because it’s not just about the words…it’s about the experience!

Getting affirmations to work is the masterpiece of a few processes. In this affirmations training series, you will learn:

The science behind how the body, mind and spirit are working together to assist in bringing to you what you want.

Why affirmations are NOT working for you.


How to write believable affirmations.


How to get affirmations to work for you.

Affirmations can transform you from the inside out.

Benefits of a Personal Affirmations Coach

If you are like most people, you are probably pulling affirmations from a personal development book, googling good affirmations or swiping nice pics from Instagram. If you are doing this, GREAT!! There is nothing wrong with this process.


  • What if I told you that you have a better chance of seeing your affirmations crystalize if you write them yourself?
  • What if knowing how we are as energetic beings and creators of our own experience helped guide you to believing your affirmations faster?
  • What if I told you that by having a detailed, step-by-step process and me as your guide and accountability partner could triple the success rate of your affirmations?

An affirmations coach is a personal development and transformation coach.  Working with a coach or a guide can speed up the process of getting the results you seek and having solid affirmation training could open doors to seeking more opportunities that you wish to pursue.  You will be learning a lifetime skill that can be applied to any area of your life!

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