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I love affirmations! As a matter of fact, writing believable affirmations is a process that has helped me in my successes as an Entrepreneur.

Some argue that affirmations do not work. In many cases, it is very difficult to believe the work and thoughts of an affirmation if you didn’t write it yourself. Affirmations are simply declaring that something is true. Before you can manifest anything into your reality, you must believe it to be true. So, whether you want to lose weight, have better relationships, more money, etc., affirmations can work as a tool to begin moving yourself in the direction of deliberate creation and fulfillment, if and only if you believe the affirmation.

You’ve heard the saying “You become what you think about”; affirmations are along the same lines as this quote. What you think about yourself is what you will experience. Your belief patterns of yesterday are what you are now seeing today, so in order for you to see something different, the belief about yourself or any given topic related to what you want has to be so first within before it can fulfill without (As within, so without).

There are several spiritual laws that align with the fulfillment of desires. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. We are like the magnet in the office drawer that has the paper clips and all metal objects attached to it like white on rice. The Law of Projection states that we project into our physical experience the direct match to what we are today. Therefore you must BE vibrationally before you BECOME.

It can be a difficult task to recite “Money flows to me daily” when you have a negative balance in your bank account, bill collectors are calling and you haven’t seen a dime roll across your path in weeks. Some things may not be real to you and definitely are not believable. So, how do you cope? How do you become when your reality is so unbecoming? How do you “trick” yourself into believing that you are a millionaire, madly in love or 100 pounds lighter?

Well, I hate to admit that there is no “trick” to this. Although it would be much easier for a genie to pop out of a bottle with a few grants time after time.

Consider this; how many years did it take you to form that opinion about yourself that you currently have? Months? Years? Decades?
Consider this; these beliefs are non other than repeated thoughts that you have heard over the years, time and time again. These thoughts have been ingrained into your subconscious and are now how you view yourself which has caused you the turmoil or bliss you are currently experiencing.
Since the belief pattern has taken years to ingrain, it will take some time to undo. Yes, we would all like to have an internal undo button, but we don’t. What we do have internally (although we may not exhibit) is patience and self forgiveness. The blessed part is, changes do not take as long to reveal if you are consistent with the thought long enough to go from optimism, to hope, to believing, to knowing and then becoming….and practicing it daily until the better feeling is the most dominant. You will know this by the way you feel.

Here are a few affirmation writing tips that will work for any given desire:

Step 1.) Write and Feel – Look at writing affirmations as writing short series of scripts of the life you want to accomplish. When you write, pay attention to how you feel with any given statement. If the statement rings untrue to you, it can bring more of what you do not want into your experience. It is not the affirmation that is actually doing the work. The words provoke a feeling and it is the feeling that you want to ignite. So it must feel good when you recite it.

Step 2.) Speak it NOW – Don’t speak in future tense, speak it now. Speak it as if it is already here in your face, upfront and center. If you say, “I would like to receive financial abundance”, you haven’t yet become. The term “would like” suggests future tense and doubt. An apple tree wouldn’t like to become an apple tree, it just is and the Universe reveals apples based on the information received from the tree. You will never see an orange grow on an apple tree. An apple tree knows that it is an apple tree and the Universe receives this information and exchanges the result in kind. We are of the same energy of this apple tree, but our information that we extend to the Universe is different. Unlike the tree, humans have choices whereby we co-Create with Source.

What you are currently experiencing is the information you have sent to the Universe. Thus, you are getting a direct match. If you are feeling doubt about any of your affirmations, they may be too specific. In this case, go to step 3.

Step 3.) Go General – If specifics are causing you to feel resistance, go a bit more general in your desire. For example, if you want to lose 100 lbs and you simply can not come up with an affirmation that feels good when you say it, it means your subconscious doesn’t buy it and it is too specific. In other words, your belief about yourself doesn’t match the affirmation. So, instead of saying “I’m 100lbs lighter and healthier”, say “I like the feeling of being 100lbs lighter.” I’m sure this is a true statement.

Wendy Merron, personal development coach, hypnotherapist and author of Positive Thinking on Purpose suggests adding “I like the idea” before any statement in order to go more general and release the resistance. Try it, it really works.

Practice going general and pay attention to how you feel, then practice getting more specific until you can believe enough to move closer to becoming [optimism > hope > believe > know > become]. When you can feel better once you go up a notch, continue to do so until there is no doubt about who you are. At this point, you have become.

Feel well today,


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