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Hey, everyone, this is Leah with Vibrate Higher.  I wanted to do something different this month and come to you in video for this newsletter.  It was my intention to get it out on October 1st but I was led to wait until the WOE event and I’m so glad I followed that instinct because I walked away from that event with so many aha moments and so much upliftment that it really tuned the focus basically, of this newsletter.

For those of you who do not know what WOE stands for Women Only Entrepreneurs and it’s founded by Stefanie Diaz who’s also the founder of Mastermind Your Launch. This event is put together as….don’t even want to call it a networking event although you do network and walk away with a new sisterhood.

But, it is more than that. It’s a format that is put together that uplifts and celebrates women and to be totally honest with you I haven’t been to an event quite like this.  So, go check it out  

Anyway, this newsletter is about authenticity; it’s about following your truths and living in that truth.  I mentioned during the speech about true north and what that is and I’m going to go further into what true north is and how I came up with that idea as part of what we should follow.


I was on my Facebook feed and I saw a video where there was a scientist. This video was old.  It looked to be dated in the 70’s.   There was a scientist who was talking about the fascination of the pyramids and one of the things that was most fascinating about the pyramids is that the pyramids were built true north.   What we have to measure or detect direction is basically from a compass.  A compass is giving us magnetic north.  Magnetic north is close to that true north is somewhere around the vicinity but we’re getting readings and responses from that compass that is magnetic and not true.

The fascination behind this, is this; these pyramids must have been built with intention.  That settled with me for a minute so, I had to think about it…. Hmm ….I paralleled this to life. Following this concept of living your life true north would mean that your decisions within yourself will be absolute; they will be authentic.   They would be based on what you are feeling; what you are aligned with and not based on making other people happy or what other people think. When living in that authenticity, all it takes for you to do is to do it one time and once you do it, you’ll be able to build that muscle of listening to your inner self; your inner voice, and following that which aligns with your truth.  That will be something that’s absolute and something that is authentic.  Then it becomes a muscle built so strong that it becomes the only way.

I also talked about shifting. Shifting is a process that I use that combines visualizing and thought, using affirmations and it combines a little bit of meditation in order to get into the feeling of what it is that you are trying to accomplish.  Shifting, in a nutshell, shifts your point of attraction from one state of being to another.  

I use it is when I know that I’m out of alignment.  I use shifting to get back into alignment.  Number one, you must be present enough to catch yourself when you’re in the state of not feeling aligned.  The moment you know when those unsupportive thoughts start to creep in – is the time where you get to shifting.  Pick one of your favorite affirmations to shift in that moment.  It could be related to relationships it could be related to career it could be related to money it really doesn’t matter what it’s related to.  The whole idea is to shift to a better feeling state so that you don’t continue the vibration in that state of being out of alignment.

The affirmation I share was one that I created specifically for the event and I’d like to share with you right now and it goes:

Now when you’re using an affirmation during shifting once you state your affirmation at the same time that you’re stating is your visualize yourself feeling; better visualize yourself receiving whatever it is that you want; visualize yourself being wherever it is that you want. In other words, visualize yourself in a better feeling state than what you’re in right now. This will automatically

The affirmation I share was one that I created specifically for the event and I’d like to share with you right now and it goes:

I am in harmony with me.

I trust my inner voice.

I move in the direction that feels authentic.

This is what feels true, right,  it feels like home.

shift your focus to a better feeling place.  Once your focus is shifted, you automatically vibrate higher.  It is Law!   It’s energy!   So, I hope you practice shifting and you remember to do it in the time that you want to feel better.  I hope this was helpful for you.  Stay tuned for more newsletters.

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