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Emotional Healing from Physical Pain

The pain was excruciating!!  It shot through my nervous system, right to my brain which caused a severe headache.  It is rare that I am sick, so when my body experiences dis-ease, I pay full attention.  I had an abscess on my lower left gum, right next to a tooth that I had a root canal on several years ago.

The abscess grew so large that I could feel its rub against my inner cheek and I couldn’t even think about eating anything!  So, of course, I had to get this thing removed because you can’t keep a sista away from her food, things might get ugly…ijs.

I knew that if I went to the dentist, I would be prescribed an antibiotic.  Even though I was in a lot of pain, I didn’t want to take their antibiotic because I know what it does to the body.  Medication is one of the top 3 causes of death; because they are chemicals?  No, not true at all.  Our body produces chemicals with every thought, so this can’t be true.  It is because they interrupt the healing process and when the healing process is interrupted medication can cause more resistance in the body (do more damage than good).  (DISCLAIMER:  this is not to say don’t take medication.  Do what you feel you need to do).

So, I used natural healing measures and cut open a fresh garlic clove because I know it to be a natural antibiotic and applied it to the affected area.  But wait….I took a blood thinner first with the intention to ease the pain because I knew the pain from that garlic would probably paralyze me.  I pop the garlic (and softly banged and kick the counters a couple of times because this ish HURT!!) and rubbed the affected area a few times (with eyes filled with pain tears); switching out fresh pieces of garlic with the intention to reduce the pulse-filled bulge that was protruding out of my mouth.  In about an hour or so, the abscess decreases in size (still tender tho) and the next morning it was completely gone.  No dentist and no medication.

I’m all fixed, right?  Absolutely not.  I knew I had to find out why the abscess appeared in the first place and I knew that it was related to my thought patterns.  Usually, I can make the connection based on what is going with my body, but I was stumped on this one.  So, I grab my healing bible, You Can Heal Your Life, by the late Louise Hay to look up what has caused this manifestation.

It says that an abscess is caused by:  Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge.  This was right on point.  

Side bar:  The abscess was on the left side.  The left side of the body also represents receptivity, femininity, the mother and also your future.

Although I didn’t feel any revenge in my awareness, I did have thoughts over hurts.  During this time, some experiences occurred through relationships that sparked thought patterns related to hurts, receiving what I wanted and future doubts that I had to release.

I began a meditation with the intention to release these hurts and I used the affirmation that Louise suggests during this process:

“I allow my thoughts to be free.  The past is over.  I am at peace.”

I observed these thoughts and I could clearly see that these thoughts have been a pattern throughout my entire life.  You see, if we don’t pay attention to what shows up for us in our experiences, our body will definitely tell the story.  By the time that energy transforms from your auric/magnetic field to your body, it is old news.  It has been laden for some time and we will get an experience to show us where we are vibrationally and when we bury it, ignore it…or push it aside it repeats itself in situations and then becomes tangible.  

Keep in mind, this is not a bad thing.  These are experiences and it is not to say that we are so high vibrationally that we won’t have them.  We are human and we are here to explore.  The key is awareness.  In order for us to create our own reality with deliberate intent, we must know who we are…we must know how we operate…and we must get the notion that everything is energy.

Once we really, really get this…things won’t be so serious to us.  We will be able to snatch our power back and walk in the Light of our own creation.  And that is a beautiful thing!  There are a ton of layers to this thing called Life and it is a wonderful experience when you awaken to the truth of who you are and you are able to manage your energy.  When you don’t know is when it becomes hell in a handbasket.

That is why I’ve created this space.  I am here to help you navigate through your experiences to define the essence of who you are and what it is that you want to attract into your life.  🙂

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