I’ve been called the Dream Whisperer.  I am very good at breaking down dreams and helping people retrieve messages from them.  Most people see dreams as if they are some outer space, sci-fi and mysterious occurrence that is completely detached from them.  It’s as if a dream is make believe and a fantasy that swoons or scares the crap out of us. The complete opposite is true. Dreams are ALL You!  They are very powerful and packed with information about who we are and what’s going on currently in our vibration. I’m going to break dreams down a bit so that you can get the nuggets from them that will help you in your awake state and share with you a process that I use that helps me get the information presented in the dream that aids in my growth.

What Is a Dream

But, first, let’s begin by explaining what a dream actually is.  A dream is a non-resistant play-by-play of your CURRENT vibrational state, starring…YOU!  It is somewhat like a vision and the reason I call it non-resistant is there is no thought going on.  Remember your recent dreams….are you ever thinking? Of course, your brain isn’t thinking because the body is sleeping, but there is a whole form of living and life taking place without thought. How so?  Where does it come from and how are we literally living while we are sleeping? The answer is simple, Consciousness.

Even while the body is shut down, or unconscious, we are living in a-whole-notha-realm.  You are the creator of the entire dream and all of the players in the dream are significant to what you believe or know about them.  Let’s add science to this and talk about your brain state. When dreaming, you are in the Delta waves brain pattern. This is when your brain waves are moving at a slower pace with the highest amplitude.  Your body is shut down, but your brain is active yet relaxed. You are still living. You NEVER stop because you are energy and energy is constantly moving. You’re just not conscious. Where there is no thought, there is no resistance, therefore, dreams are one of the best ways to get information that will help you along your path without thought interfering with the message that is presented.  I explain this with an example later.

Dreams are not governed by thought.  They are governed by your energetic state that you have created with thought while awake.  Where you are vibrationally in your awake state will mirror/reflect in your dream state.

Why We Dream

I somewhat answered this a few sentences ago, but I’ll reiterate because this is very important to know.  We dream because we never stop living. We never die. Consciousness is eternal. We are not clumps of flesh walking around and sitting in chairs.  We are light, sound and vibration which I sum up to as ENERGY! Energy can never be destroyed or stopped. It can only be transferred or transformed.  

Energy is alive and we have a vibrational set point that acts out or manifests in our dream state just the same as it does in our wake state. The “play” that takes place as our dream is pure and unfiltered because the logical mind is not active to interfere with the message.  Dreams are super powerful and if you can recall them when you awake, you can gather the most profound and important information that will guide you along your path.

How to Use Your Dream for Personal Development

Before I get to the process, I want to share one of my dreams with you.  I’m going to break this dream down so that you can see exactly why I call dreams powerful and packed with information.  I trust that you will agree.

I was in my elementary school.  It was a very old building…cold and damp.  I was with a group of people in the shower room as if we were getting ready to swim.  They somehow left the room and I was alone. I ran into the actor Keanu Reeves and I killed him.  Not only did I kill him, I chopped him up into bits and pieces and hid him somewhere in a closet in the room I was in. I left the room feeling a bit nervous, but so relieved and even fleeting happiness….like, I was straight up smiling?!  I was nervous because I was afraid that I would get caught, of course. It ended with me hearing the group of people coming back to the room. I was soooo nervous thinking that my dirty little secret would be exposed so I just peeked into the room to see if anyone would find poor innocent Keanu looking like he was prepared for the next Sunday barbecue.  They never found him and I woke up extremely disturbed.

Profusely sweating in my bed, I needed answers quickly!  I immediately grabbed my dream journal that I keep on my side table and begin to write.  The meaning of the dream did not come to me right away. I was so disturbed that I actually killed someone that I was blocking it.  I decided to meditate so that I can release resistance to allow the message to come in and it came in crystal clear.

Let’s break down this dream….

I was reminded that the day of the dream (in my awake state) I did a healing session where I went back to childhood to talk to little Leah at about age 10 (She felt suffocated as if she could not be her true self.  This was the time she was losing her true Self to match her environment in order to be accepted). I told her that it was ok to be herself; to live and speak her truth. There were a lot more words exchanged during that conversation, tons of tears and hugs.  Little Leah was set free during this session. I felt within my body the release of energy that I carried around for years. It was so freeing to let it all go.

Now, when I break down a dream, I put myself in the position of playwright and examine the scene as the writer of the play:

  • The location – My old elementary school…old building, dewy and moldy.
  • The players – Keanu Reeves supporting character from the Matrix, group of people as extras.
  • What happened – A killing (more like a slaughter)
  • How did you feel? – Nervous and also relieved; FREE!

This dream was confirmation that my long quest for freedom had been realized during my healing session.  You see, when I went to little Leah to help her heal by letting her know she can be herself, I killed the Actor; the personality that Leah picked up at age 10 that she felt she had to be in the “Matrix” and to make everyone around her happy, except herself.  Keanu Reeves represented the “actor in the move The Matrix”; positioned as the total opposite of me (white male). (The Matrix is one of my fave movies and is a huge part of my awakening experience.  This is very telling as to why Keanu showed up in my dream).

The location was my old elementary school and represented a place of vulnerability.  The scene set in the locker room represented an area where “private parts” (my true self) are exposed to those around us and the group of people represented the people in my external environment that at 10 years old I felt I had to please.  This is part of the exposure and letting go process.

THEEEEE most important aspect of a dream is HOW YOU FEEL, because this represents your vibrational state while you are awake.  I felt so free in this dream. I felt a bit nervous at first because I (my true Self) was going to be “exposed” to those around me (the group of people).  That feeling was quickly overshadowed by the FREEDOM that exuded from me. This is what it felt like during my clearing session as I was well on my way of dismantling the conditions and belief systems (the Matrix) that weren’t mine.  I chose to no longer claim them as my own and build the muscle of living a life of authenticity.

All in all, my dream state acted out my current vibrational awake state with many details.  I just listed a few in the interest of your reading time, but there were many aspects of the dream that laid out WHAT I WAS FEELING in my awake state.  The entire scene and location as well as the intricate details are very important and provide great information.

This process can be lots of fun.  If you are wondering what your dreams are all about, copy the breakdown method that I provided below, get into a space of clarity and ask for guidance.  Keep in mind that HOW YOU FEEL is the most important part of the dream and it mirrors what is happening in your awake state.

Pay close attention to the scenery in your dream.  Where is it set? How does it feel? If animals are present in your dream, they represent their natural state….how they function, their natural habits, etc.  This can also be coupled with what you feel about the animal. For example, if you dream of squirrels and you are afraid of them, say a squirrel’s natural habit is to store food for later.  This could represent lack, a fear of not having enough for later, etc. The best part about it is…YOU WILL KNOW…Because it’s you! Be honest with what you see and how you feel. You can only lie to yourself, but to live a life of authenticity means to live a life of Truth.  Truth is where FREEDOM is.

Dream Template

  1. Keep a journal – place a journal in arm’s reach so that you can jot down your dreams as soon as you awake.  This is the best time to recall them.
  2. The location –  the location is important because it is part of the story.  It has a major significance and is loaded with information.
  3. The actors – who is in the dream?  What do you feel about this person?  Keep in mind that we never dream about a person to reveal something about them.  Our dreams are about us and how WE feel about the person may be a manifestation of an active vibration shown to you in the dream.
  4. How did you feel?  – Write down ALL of your emotions during the dream.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!! This is telling you what is going on with you.  This will expose to you those blatant and/or underlying fears that are part of your State of Being that you may be totally unaware of.  

If you are having trouble remembering your dreams when you awaken, set the intention to recall your dreams before falling asleep.  Use this affirmation to activate your vision and memory.

Share your dreams and how you figured out the messages within.  Happy Slumbers!

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