One of my creations in this lifetime is to dispelled the myths behind the practice of meditation and introduce this practice to a sector of audiences that would commonly mark it as evil or have no access to information regarding meditation at all.

I grew up in a Christian household and in a sect of religion that really would be considered a cult from outsiders.  Meditation was not a practice in this religion nor in my household.  As a matter of fact, it was actually shunned.  I recall naysayers of the practice marking it as evil and of the devil.  So, quite naturally, I developed some resistance to it based upon the information around me that I partially accepted as true.

I was introduced to meditation about 10 years ago from the book, The Master Key.  There was a segment in the book that suggested a 10 minute a day practice.  It guided the reader to find a quiet place in the house, a sacred place and use this spot daily during meditation.  So…I did just that.  My sacred place was in my closet and I would go to my closet, turn off the lights, shut the door and begin my practice.

I had NO IDEA what I was doing at the time.  It didn’t matter because the intention was there so the Universe only responds in kind.  Did I last 10 minutes?  Heck NO!  As a matter of fact, I didn’t know anything…I just started.  What I did do is sit in the lotus position with my back straight (I saw this somewhere).  I did focus on my breathing as much as I could, but I wasn’t led to do this until months after practicing.  

What I do know for sure now is meditation began to change my life.  I began to awaken to the Truth of who we are as Beings and how we operate.  I began to open up to the idea that through a consistent practice of meditation, we can be healed, solve problems, deliberately create our reality and overall live a better quality of life.  Mediation brings on an unexplainable awareness that catapulted me into a more joyful life and brought upon Self awarenesses that I received from no other method.

What Meditation is Not

  • Evil
  • Of the devil
  • Satanic
  • Only for yogis, monks and Hare Krishnas
  • For weird people who want to escape reality

It amazes me how most of these accounts come from religious people.  These sects will scare people into thinking anything that is not of their practice is irrational and wrong and their account and belief system is the only truth there is.  Meanwhile, most of the followers are completely unaware that everyone, no matter what the religion (or lack thereof) is reaching for the same outcome…to return the Source.  Simply put..we all have our own way of getting there so it behooves us all to respect each others’ paths.

What Meditation Is

Meditation is a practice of discovery.  It is a time to shift focus from thought, to the space between thought and listen to the Source/God/Creator (or whatever you choose to call it).  When we shift focus to the space between thought, we reach nirvana….the place of unlimited possibilities and this is when meditation begins.

This is this space where there is non-sense.  We retract our focus from using our five senses to a space where our Truth can be revealed to us.  When we are no longer engaging in thought, we release resistance and instantly vibrate higher to a better feeling state of being.  This is HOW meditation improves the quality of life and why most people who meditate naturally have a calming spirit.

When you reduce the noise in your head, you become more observant and more aware.  You become the observer of the thought as opposed to the engager of the thought.  It is a very organic transition that automatically keens your awareness in your normal state of being.

Who is Meditation For?

Meditation is for everyone!  All religions, cultures, creeds and ages can meditate.  Here’s what’s interesting…all of my meditation teachers have invited each student to become aware of the entity that they call God.  I have never had the experience where a teacher told us what to believe, how to believe and who/what we should focus on as a deity.  They have ALL been open to allowing you to be whoever you are and practice how you choose.  They were only there for guidance and support.  There were no Bibles, Qurans, Torahs or any other books…just a full invitation of love.  Now, this is something to think about!

If you are looking to begin a practice of meditation, just start.  All you need is your breath.  If you feel you need guidance, look into a local or online meditation course to help you along the way.  Namaste….


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