The Art of Living from Within

Improve your quality of life with transformation from the inside out.

"You are equipped with everything you need." ~ LAM

Meditation - Online & Offline Courses

We put to rest the fears of meditation through educating each student on the purpose and benefits of this practice.  Learn how to release the stresses of life and embrace happiness through a consistent meditation practice.

Affirmations Series

Every day we affirm something through thoughts, words and deeds.  In most cases, we affirm things unwanted, unintentionally.  Learn the power of becoming aware of your thoughts and how to make affirmations work for you!

Deliberate Creators Series

Learn the importance of energy, how we function as creative beings and get into a practice of creating your life, deliberately.  This course is designed to break down energetic barriers that keep you stuck and steal your joy.

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Deliberately Create Your Own Reality

Who We Service


People who are looking for a way to make a major shift in life and need direction.  This person knows from a Soul level that there is more to existence here and is open to awakening to a new way to experience life.

Small Business Owners

Your business is a reflection of you. Learn how to become the company culture you wish to attract into your experience.


We help corporations change and uplift company environments with strategies that assist executives and employees in creating a culture of accountability and harmony while maintaining the integrity of the company’s mission.


Go deeper into your creative space and allow your creative juices to flow and unfold in abundant measures.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for upcoming events.

How to Use Dreams for Personal Development & Growth

I’ve been called the Dream Whisperer.  I am very good at breaking down dreams and helping people retrieve messages from them.  Most people see dreams as if they are some outer space, sci-fi and mysterious occurrence that is completely detached from them.  It’s as if a...

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How to Feel Better Instantly

Video Transcript  - (Edited to make sense) Hey, everyone, this is Leah with Vibrate Higher.  I wanted to do something different this month and come to you in video for this newsletter.  It was my intention to get it out on October 1st but I was led to wait until the...

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Emotional Healing from Physical Pain

The pain was excruciating!!  It shot through my nervous system, right to my brain which caused a severe headache.  It is rare that I am sick, so when my body experiences dis-ease, I pay full attention.  I had an abscess on my lower left gum, right next to a tooth that...

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Weekly Affirmations – Healing After a Major Loss

I was scrolling through my Google Photos account one day and I had no idea that many of the moments captured were there.  I have photos dated back to July 2007; the year I left Engineering to pursue my online career.  It’s hard to believe that was a decade ago.  This...

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Weekly Affirmations – Your Heart’s Desire

Click Here to Listen! For 10 years I woke up daily, dreading my career.  For 10 years I felt insecure against my colleagues and unsure of how much I knew in the field and felt guilty for not wanting to know more (because I was done and tired of it); and for 10 years I...

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Dispelling the Myths of Meditation

One of my creations in this lifetime is to dispelled the myths behind the practice of meditation and introduce this practice to a sector of audiences that would commonly mark it as evil or have no access to information regarding meditation at all. I grew up in a...

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How to Write Positive Affirmations

I love affirmations! As a matter of fact, writing believable affirmations is a process that has helped me in my successes as an Entrepreneur. Some argue that affirmations do not work. In many cases, it is very difficult to believe the work and thoughts of an...

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